The Team

Managing Consultant
Anthony van der Craats
Senior Systems Analyst (ICT), Melbourne, Australia
With over eight-years experiance living and working in Ukraine/Russia.
Previous positions of employment includes:
Consultant, Rosano Consulting, Ukraine.
Consultant, UMNITS/Merit, Ukraine
Senior Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Compaq Computers - South Pacific Sydney (5 yrs)
Senior Systems Analyst, Telstra - Data Integrity, Melbourne (2 yrs)
Manager, Snow Data Australia, Falls Creek (12 yrs)
Secretary/Advisor, The Hon. Evan Walker, Leader of the Government in the Victiorian Legislative Council, Minister for Major Projects, the Arts and Post Secondary Education (2 yrs)
Former Member of the Board of Directors, RMIT University Ltd, Melbourne (2 yrs)
Former Member of the Board of Directors, National Trust of Australia (Victoria), Melbourne (2 yrs)

Managing Consultant
Benjamin Cass

Aisa Pacific Philipines, Thailand, India and China

Financial Managment
Tony Williams
Accountant, CPA Australia

Andrew Klymyssyn
Director UMNITS/Merit Ukraine

Russell Cunning
Director Kyiv-English Language Centre Ukraine


Dr. Denys Pogozhikh 
Bio Technology Research - Stem Cell, Ukraine


Dianne Hobday
Bio-Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Ihor Zhuchenko MD.
Medical, Vinnista, Ukraine